Sacha Inchi Flour

Sacha Inchi Seeds naturally contain large amount of Omega oil, protein and fiber. After we extract the oil from Sacha Inchi seeds, we have very good protein and dietary fiber left. After filtering impurities and refining, we have this tasted Protein Flour for you, our finest Sacha Inchi Powder.

It has nutty texture, mild flavor, slightly sweet, rich in protein and fiber. A perfect dietary resource for healthy food. According to the lab report, our Shalom Health® Sacha Inchi Powder contains 57% protein, 15% dietary fiber, 15% unsaturated oil.

You can use our Sacha Inchi powder to replace the wheat flour in your menu for better taste and health.

From our experience, Sacha Inchi powder is very good for crispy food. You can find more recipes from our updates. Enjoy your food and enjoy a good health.