Sacha Inchi Oil

Sacha Inchi Oil is made from Sacha Inchi seeds, which is organically grown from Thailand.

The oil is extracted by simple cold pressing and does not require refining.

Contains essential fatty acids Omega 3 (47%), Omega 6 (36%), Omega 9 (9%).

Antioxidants: Vitamin A: 681 ug/100g, Vitamin E: 17 mg/100 g

Suggested Use

  1. Take one or more teaspoonfuls daily. Great on cottage cheese, fruit salad, or in smoothies.
  2. Apply directly on skin.Apply daily can remove winkles and scars.


  1. Lowers LDL and raises HDL cholesterol.
  2. Reduces inflammation in the brain, which can cause mood shifts, headaches, and more.
  3. Lowers blood pressure.
  4. Omega 3  can: ( a ). Control glucose levels, ( b ). Enhance calcium absorption, prevent Kidney Stones ( c ). Boost the immune system by enhancing the functioning of immune cells.
  5. The Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Omegas in Sacha Inchi can improve vision and maintain eye health.
  6. Keeps skin elastic, hydrates the skin, protects the skin against UV-radiance and repairs skin damage.