Sacha Inchi

is a good source of omega-3 can provide 10 time more than fish. Healthy snacks For health lovers

What is Sacha Inchi ?

In the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, it has been cultivated by indigenous people for centuries, and will grow in warm climates up to altitudes of 1,700 meters (5,500 feet) as long as there is continued availability of water and good drainage. It grows better in acidic soils and alluvial flats near rivers.

The plant reaches a height of 2 m (6′ 6″), with alternate, heart shaped, serrated leaves

Who We Are

We believe the creating is the solution for all the needs,

‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. ‘ Genesis 1:1

Our existence is from creating, not consuming.
We believe creating is action itself is always the best solution for all things.
We aim to create values, more than the values we consume. These values are benefiting our environment, our farmers and our customers.

Our Products

Good for health and Good for You that is why everyone have to try


Thai star reveals the secret to taking care of yourself.

Somkiet 68 years old from Ubon Rachatany


In the campaign of The Genius Idol

In the campaign of The Genius Idol, which held by the Ministry of Industry, the Sacha Inchi flour received many compliments, and made Shalom Health Company the second best in this campaign!!

Support the Medical team and patients

April 3rd, 2020. In this Friday morning, Mr. Owen and Mrs. Areerat with team of Shalom Health, came to the Siriraj Hospital to support the Medical team and patients.