Support the Medical team and patients

April 3rd, 2020. In this Friday morning, Mr. Owen and Mrs. Areerat with team of Shalom Health, came to the Siriraj Hospital to support the Medical team and patients. We totally donated Shalom Health Roasted Sacha Inchi Nut Original Flavor 900 pillow bags, and Wasabi flavor Sacha Inchi Nuts 240 can, total market value 93,000 baht.

In this Covid 19 crisis, Shalom Health have strong empathy on the medical team and patients. In this current situation, our lovely medical team in working under great pressure, and the patients are suffering. We are pray for this situation can pass over faster.

As for Shalom Health, our company is focusing on Sacha Inchi Health Food,  and our health food can boosted human immune system by diet, which is an important factor in this virus crisis, as we have no cure yet. A strong immune system means every thing.

We truly wish our healthy food can strengthen our Medical Team, as the hard work and pressures has weaken their immune system. And, we wish the patients can recover faster by taking more protein and omega 3 from our products.